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    Can we better exploit immune-based Tools to figh off bacterial disease?

    David BrownDavid Brown
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    This is a topic of interest for me. Our immune system is very powerful and it protects us most of the time. When bacteria get in control we might be able to boost the immune system to help antibiotics be more powerful. The oncology field has been transformed this way. I think we need to learn from oncology and discover how to do it for bacterial infections too.

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    Dear All: I have long been intrigued by the potential value of this approach, but developing new tools in this area is going to be hard. The fundamental challenge is that the immune modulators don’t typically have sufficient activity to be used as monotherapy. Thus, it will be necessary to show that Immune + SOC (standard of care) is better than SOC in a clinical trial. Given that we must can only enroll into such a trial when we expect SOC to be effective, it should be rare for it to be possible to show the added value of an adjunct. See two key links to comments on these points. Best wishes, –jr

    Czaplewski 2016:

    Blog post on trial design issues:


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