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GARDP’s Antimicrobial Memory Recovery & Exploratory Programme:

There has been a discovery void in the development of antimicrobial drugs over the last 20 years. To help address this, the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) – a joint initiative by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) – has launched the Antimicrobial Memory Recovery & Exploratory Programme (AMREP). This programme aims to recover the knowledge, data, and assets of forgotten, abandoned, or withdrawn antibiotics as well as seeking new drugs.

The Memory Recovery Programme component of AMREP has two objectives:

  • To evaluate ‘recovered’ molecules for their potential value for antimicrobial drug development.
  • To share and disseminate knowledge between early career and established researchers from academia, small to medium sized enterprises and large pharma through REVIVE. This will help improve, accelerate, and streamline antimicrobial drug discovery, research, and development (R&D).


REVIVE is an online space for the antimicrobial R&D community to educate, connect, and share good practice in how to conduct antimicrobial drug R&D. It facilitates exchanges between clinical and non-clinical researchers with world-class experts active in antimicrobial R&D over the last 40 years. So far, more than 100 experts have engaged with REVIVE.

The three aims of REVIVE:

Facilitate learning:
REVIVE has a strong educational focus to address critical steps along the antimicrobial drug discovery and R&D pipeline. The educational activities include a series of webinars, roundtables at conferences, and workshops led by experts.

Connect people:
Anyone with an interest in antimicrobial R&D can interact in the open forum. REVIVE helps researchers get in touch with each other directly through a “talk to an expert” interface. Users can submit questions, in confidence, which are assigned to experts for a response. This tool will help upcoming researchers gain access to highly experienced and knowledgeable experts in different fields of antimicrobial drug discovery and R&D.

Knowledge sharing:
REVIVE has a reference repository of resources, and links to partners, on antimicrobial discovery and R&D.