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As well as the growing alarm over resistance to antibiotics, there is also the rising concern that over the past decades, there has been a slow rate in the discovery of new antibiotics. In addition to this, the abandoning of antimicrobial research and development in companies and academic laboratories has led to the risk of valuable knowledge in the field being lost.

To prevent this risk, GARDP created REVIVE in 2017. The objective of REVIVE is to capture old and new knowledge and skills in antimicrobial drug discovery and R&D as well as to support and connect this community worldwide.

With a network of world-class experts, REVIVE is an outreach activity to ensure knowledge is disseminated between clinical as well as academic researchers at various stages of their career. Through this, we intend to help improve, accelerate, and streamline antimicrobial research and development. In GARDP’s Antimicrobial Viewpoints series, we invite experts of different aspects of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to share their knowledge and opinions on the current status and future challenges of this field.

Read more about GARDP’s work in advancing antimicrobial R&D through education and collaboration with the activities of REVIVE.

REVIVE has three aims: