Alexander Lepak is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin in the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases. He is an active physician, educator and researcher.

Alexander directs antimicrobial stewardship quality improvement initiatives and research projects. His main research pursuits are in performing and translating antimicrobial pharmacodynamic (PD) studies (both in vivo animal models and patient-level data) to optimize therapy against numerous pathogens. This research has specifically included medically important fungal and bacterial pathogens, including those that are difficult to treat and/or have drug resistance determinants.

An additional area of study that Alexander is pursuing is antimicrobial drug development using in vivo animal models. His research and expertise in animal model pharmacodynamic studies have been internationally recognized. As part of his current projects, he is collaborating with a microbiology laboratory and information systems specialists to improve clinical decision support pathways based on diagnostic study results.