Antimicrobial Viewpoints are invited articles from experts in different areas of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in which knowledge and opinions about the status and future challenges of the field are shared.

Viewpoint articles are open access

All Antimicrobial Viewpoints are free to read and share. However, if they are republished, the following text should be used: “This Viewpoint was originally published on the REVIVE website, an activity of the GARDP FOUNDATION (Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership (GARDP)).”

Editorial policy and processing times

Approximately twelve Antimicrobial Viewpoint articles are published each year. Invited authors are sent instructions and guidelines, which can be found here. All submitted Antimicrobial Viewpoint articles are assessed by GARDP’s Management Team for reputational risk. If a risk has been identified, the article will be rejected. Accepted articles are then subjected to a content review by a REVIVE expert or another (reviewer form template found here). If the content review score is low, the submission is rejected. If it is recommended that the article is accepted for publication, it is then sent to the editorial team for a light edit and to the Scientific Director for final review. The final version is then prepared for publication with the author(s)’s approval.

Diversity & inclusion

GARDP is committed to seeking out diversity and inclusion in the choice of invited authors in terms of background (academic research, industry research, clinical microbiology and infectious diseases, etc.), gender and geography (where the authors are based).

Conflict of interest and transparency

Before publication, authors are required to complete a conflict of interest and transparency declaration form, which can be found here. A statement with this information is then published along with the article.