Antibiotic Bootcamps for Developers: Medicinal Chemistry

ESCMID/ASM Conference on Drug Development to Meet the Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance

4-7 September 2018, Lisbon

A collaborative project of GARDP and CARB-X

Chair persons: John Griffin and Heinz Moser

Speakers: Andrea Decker, Heinz Moser, John Griffin

Roundtable discussion: Andrea Decker, Heinz Moser, John Griffin, John H. Rex

  1. Introduction
  2. Drug-Likeness: Physicochemical Properties in Small-Molecule Drug Discovery (Andrea Decker)
  3. Drug Discovery of Antibiotics: The Importance of Physicochemical Properties (Heinz Moser)
  4. Emerging Artificial Intelligence Approaches in Drug Discovery and their Application to Antibiotic Design (John Griffin)
  5. Roundtable discussion

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