Claire Sadler works at Apconix as a project toxicology consultant. In this role, she works with numerous clients from small biotechs to large pharma, designing and implementing the preclinical toxicology programmes to support their projects from early discovery to early clinical development.

In 2007, Claire joined Syngenta where she worked as an experimental pathology team leader and health assessment indication lead supporting the early fungicide portfolio. She then returned to her original interest in pharmacology at AstraZeneca, where she worked for nine years in project toxicology, ultimately leading the UK discovery safety team of project toxicologists and bench scientists to apply in silico, molecular, cellular and in vivo safety assessment techniques to assist projects in discovering and selecting safe and effective therapeutics.

Claire graduated from the University of Liverpool, UK with a degree in Pharmacology.  She then went on to gain her MPhil following research into the pharmacology and toxicology profile of novel anti-malarial drugs, and her PhD, following research into the role of neurotransmitters in obesity. Both were awarded by the University of Liverpool.