John J.S. Cadwell is president and CEO of FiberCell Systems Inc, a company he founded in the year 2000 which specializes in the development and supply of laboratory-scale 3-D capillary hollow fibre bioreactors.

FiberCell Systems Inc. is a primary supplier of hollow fibre modules for use in the hollow fibre infection model (HFIM) which was developed to precisely mimic human in vivo bioavailability of antibiotic, anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs in a closed, bio-safe, reproducible system. He has worked directly with many laboratories to set up and optimize this model and the website was recently launched to support these efforts.

John is also the founder of FiberCell Laboratories, the research and development arm for FiberCell Systems. He has over 10 publications in the field and three patents relating to hollow fibre systems and has presented talks at meetings around the world.

In 1981, John received his degree in pharmacology from the University of Miami, USA. He spent an additional year at the University of Nottingham, UK and another year at the National Institute of Medical Research also in the UK.

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