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Michael Mourez

Michael Mourez is Head of the Bacteriomics platform at Evotec in Lyon, France.

He previously worked at Sanofi on their discovery platform in the therapeutic area of infectious diseases and then at Evotec once Sanofi transferred this portfolio. Michael is now located in Lyon, where he oversees technology platforms addressing severe bacterial infections, especially drug resistance. Michael received a Canada Research Chair Award for his work on bacterial animal diseases as well as numerous grants and awards.

Michael trained in the fields of Gram-negative bacteria envelope physiology and bacterial pathogenesis. He has held positions as an assistant and then tenured professor at the University of Montreal in Canada. Here, he developed a research programme on pathogenic Escherichia coli at the school of veterinary medicine.

After initially training as an engineer, Michael obtained a PhD in bacteriology in 1998 at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and completed his post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School in Boston.