On December 13th, 2018, Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) will host a webinar on New Strategies in Antibiotic Drug Development with Dr. Arthur “AJ” Campbell & Dr. Cheryl Quinn.

The talk is hosted by CDD, in conjunction with Pew Trusts and moderated by Keystone Symposia CSO Dr. Thale Jarvis with an introduction from Dr. Wes Kim, Senior Officer of Pew Trust’s Antibiotic Resistance Project.

The discussion will be highly informed with a focus on:

  • How we can move the needle in the challenging antibacterial drug discovery arena.
  • Further our understanding of the compound types that penetrate the various compartments of Gram-Negative Bacteria via various mechanisms and equilibrium processes.
  • Explore the broader business and scientific considerations that influence successfully navigating novel antibiotics development.

You can register here for this webinar.