Moderator: David Shlaes, Anti-infectives consulting, retired


  • Ian Friedland, Clinical consultant, Friedland Strategic Consulting, LLC
  • Sumathi Nambiar, Director, Division of Anti-Infective Products, Office of Antimicrobial Products, CDER, FDA
  • Mair Powell, Senior Clinical Assessor, Health Products Regulatory Authority (Ireland)

The overall goal of this series of webinars is to provide, for the non-clinical developer, an understanding of the risks of development for various kinds of antibacterial products. Our first webinar was devoted to more traditional approaches (Tiers A and B), best suited for more broad-spectrum products, where the risks are lower. In the second webinar, we discussed the development of products that target a single species of bacteria where the risks may be higher. In this third webinar, we discussed non-traditional approaches for antibiotic development.

This webinar is Part 3/3 of a series. Click here for Part 1 ; Click here for Part 2.

This live webinar including interactive Q&A session was broadcast on 28 March 2019.

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