Pamela Brown has over 30 years’ experience in anti-infective drug discovery gained within the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. She is currently a consultant in Antibacterial Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry offering independent advice and expertise to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), biotechs and academic institutions.

Pam was Director, Medicinal Chemistry at Cantab Anti-infectives for five years following its inception in 2012. There, Pam led the medicinal chemistry team towards novel polymyxins, resulting in a commercial deal with Spero Therapeutics in 2016, and the selection of a preclinical candidate in 2017.
Before joining Cantab, she was Director, Medicinal Chemistry at Novacta Biosystems and Team Leader at BioFocus, where she co-led integrated drug discovery projects towards a variety of targets. She was also Senior Team Leader at GSK, where she led medicinal chemistry teams in hit-to-lead and lead optimization phases of antibacterial drug discovery.

Pam has over 30 publications in patents and peer-reviewed journals on the design and synthesis of antibacterial agents in a variety of antibacterial classes including carbapenems, pleuromutilins, tRNA synthetase inhibitors, topoisomerase inhibitors and polymyxins.

Pam holds a degree in chemistry from the Imperial College London, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.