Sanjay Garg is a pharmaceutical scientist with a passion for research and teaching in translational drug development and delivery. He is the Director of the Centre for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics (CCDT), Australia and leads the Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development Group (PIDG).

Sanjay’s interdisciplinary research is based on the principles of engagement, innovation, translation and impact. His group focuses on novel anticancer drug delivery systems, nanotechnology, antibacterial compounds and formulations for superbugs, wound healing and veterinary formulations. Sanjay has a strong track record of working with the development of novel antimicrobial compounds and formulations for human and veterinary applications, leading the preclinical development of new drug candidates and formulations active against resistant pathogens.

A number of his patented formulations have reached clinical stages and market in the USA, India, New Zealand, UK, and Australia. For example, Acidform, an acid-buffering formulation that has been approved by US FDA as a non-hormonal contraceptive (Phexxi) and is now available in the USA market. He is also assessing the role of pH in wound healing and developing new therapeutics for wound repair using nano-technological approaches.

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