Argentina. Australia. India. Malawi. The United Kingdom. The United States. South Africa. Switzerland. Vietnam. What all these countries have in common is a shortage of certain antibiotics. These shortages affect both generic antibiotics for common infections as well as novel antibiotics for resistant infections, and they can lead to treatment delays as well as more expensive and less effective treatments. Antibiotic shortages can also fuel drug resistance when optimal treatments are replaced by broad-spectrum treatments that give bacteria more opportunities to develop resistance mechanisms.

This webinar presented new data from a systematic review of antibiotic shortages conducted by GARDP, the University of Cape Town (South Africa), the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh (India), and Imperial College London (UK). A panel of experts discussed the causes and consequences of these shortages, and the solutions to get patients the treatments they need.


  • Esmita Charani, Associate Professor, University of Cape Town
  • Jennifer Cohn, Global Access Director, GARDP
  • Kopano Klaas, Senior Coordinator access to medicine, Treatment Action Campaign
  • Chaitanya Koduri, US Pharmacopeia, Director, International Government and Regulatory Engagement

Moderator: Claire Doole, former BBC journalist

This live webinar including interactive Q&A session was broadcast on 27 September 2023.

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