• Helen Zgurskaya, George Lynn Cross Professor, University of Oklahoma (USA)
  • Ruben Hartkoorn, Director of Research, Institut Pasteur de Lille (France)
  • Timothy Opperman, Senior Research Scientist, Microbiotix (USA)


Presentation 1: Deciphering antibiotic resistance: Efflux pumps in bacteria (Helen Zgurskaya)

  • Active efflux is the major mechanism of antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative pathogens.
  • Efflux is synergistic with other mechanisms of resistance.
  • Mechanistic studies identified transport intermediates for efficient inhibition of efflux.
  • Efflux substrates, inhibitors and avoiders differ in molecular and physico-chemical properties.

Presentation 2: Discovery of efflux pump inhibitors effective against multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria (Ruben Hartkoorn)

  • Discovering a novel efflux pump inhibitor scaffold with a new mechanism of action
  • Efflux pump inhibitor optimization and in vivo efficacy studies

Presentation 3: The hydrophobic trap (Timothy Opperman)

  • Efflux pump inhibitors that bind to the hydrophobic trap or RND-type efflux pumps block conformational changes of the pump required to effectively extrude substrates, making this an important target for efflux pump inhibitors.
  • The characteristics of a novel series of RND-type efflux pump inhibitors, the pyranopyridines, that bind to the “hydrophobic trap”, and the challenge of improving the drug-like properties of hydrophobic inhibitors will be presented.

This live webinar including an interactive Q&A session was broadcast on 23 April 2024.

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