• Jennifer Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Centauri Therapeutics (UK)
  • Rida Mourtada, Chief Executive Officer, Lytic Therapeutics (USA)
  • Gregorio Iraola, Chief Executive Officer, Kinzbio (Uruguay)


  • Peter Seiler, Member of the Management Team, INCATE (Switzerland)

This webinar will feature presentations on the ongoing development of three non-traditional antimicrobials as potential solutions to combat infections.

Presentation 1: Immune therapy for infectious disease (Jennifer Schneider)

  • Role of the host in the success of antimicrobial treatment
  • Opportunities to address infections in vulnerable patients

Presentation 2: Development of stapled antimicrobial peptides to treat MDR Gram-negative pathogens (Rida Mourtada)

  • Antimicrobial peptides: An untapped resource of non-traditional antimicrobials
  • Peptide stapling to generate highly selective antimicrobial peptides that target Gram-negative bacteria
  • Lytica’s success in generating StAMPs that can be administered systemically to treat pneumonia

Presentation 3: Preventing the spread of ESKAPE pathogens in the built-environment using jumbo bacteriophages (Gregorio Iraola)

  • Jumbo bacteriophages are phages with expanded genomes allowing them interesting biological properties
  • Kinzbio’s use of a proprietary jumbo phage pipeline to create a preventive technology aiming to cut the spread of EKSAPE pathogens through the built-environment
  • Applying this approach in Intensive Care Units shows the decrease of circulating bacteria

This live webinar including an interactive Q&A session will be broadcast on 22 August 2024 at 17:00 – 18:30 CEST. Find your timezone here.

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