Lloyd Czaplewski is Chief Scientific Officer for Persica Pharmaceuticals Limited and a Director of Chemical Biology Ventures where he provides life and chemical sciences consultancy services.

Previously, Lloyd has served as an R&D executive for Biota, Prolysis, and British Biotech Pharmaceuticals.

In his scientific career so far, he has led the creation and clinical evaluation of an engineered cytokine, discovery of the potential for minimal lentiviral vectors in antigen presentation, and demonstrating ability to create and lead structure-informed screening. He has also been involved in hit and lead optimization programs against GTPases and ATPases leading to compounds with class-leading in vivo antibacterial efficacy, and the creation and development of an innovative potential treatment for chronic low back pain.

Lloyd serves on several boards and advisory panels including the Novo REPAIR Impact Scientific Selection Board, CARB-X Advisory Board Funding Panel, WHO Antibiotic Advisory Panel, The Pew Charitable Trusts and Antibiotic Research UK. He is an elected fellow of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry.

Lloyd earned his PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Glasgow and a Bachelor of Science from the University of East Anglia for which he was awarded a first class.

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