Yanmin Hu is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Infection and Immunity in St George’s University of London.

Yanmin’s major research interests include new drugs for tuberculosis and other important infectious diseases as well as improved chemotherapy to eradicate persistent bacteria. She also studies molecular approaches to understand the processes of infection and pathogenesis of tuberculosis, the discovery of novel antibiotics and drug combination against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Yanmin is also Research Director at Helperby Therapeutics, a UK based antibiotic biotechnology company. She spearheads a multifaceted translational research program on antibiotic and antibiotic combination discovery and development.

Yanmin has published more than 60 papers and presented her research in many national and international conferences. She is a co-holder for more than 100 patents and serves as an editor in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Yanmin currently receives grant funding from the European Union and the UK Medical Research Council.

Yanmin received her PhD in Medical Microbiology from St George’s University of London.